Corporate strategy

We can work with your organisation to reverse lacklustre performance by creating a clear, engaging Strategic Plan that focuses all your resources with maximum results.

This is the second step in our business transformation model, The Success Pyramid. Our experience spreads across technology, finance, manufacturing, media, engineering, consulting and not-for-profit sectors.

“David has worked for my companies as a strategic planning consultant and sales coach since 1995. David has contributed significantly to the development of our business and growth. He has taken the time to understand our business, and deliver sound and relevant advice, based on his own extensive professional experience.” (See Testimonials)

Does your organisation need to be refocused and revitalised? A health check can show if your Strategic Plan is out of date and ineffective.

Look for telling  symptoms such as: declining financial performance, unhappy customers, low staff morale, high staff turnover, a lack of vision or a negative culture. Contact us for help to reverse this situation.

Our aim is to work with you to create a strategy focused organisation where:

  • the vision engages staff at all levels
  • external and internal drivers of your Strategic Plan are well understood
  • staff are committed to the strategy and learn to think strategically
  • operational plans and personal performance measurements are linked to the strategy
  • corporate results are monitored against the strategy
  • innovation and dynamic change become embedded in the culture

We guide your organisation through the entire strategic planning process:

  • research
  • preparation of inputs
  • design of the change model needed for broad-based buy-in to the Plan
  • executive planning meetings
  • functional and regional level feedback and input meetings
  • plan implementation
  • annual evaluation and update

Contact us for help to refocus your business.