Mediation services from Joben Consultants complement its other business transformation service offerings.

Mediation service, provided by a skilled mediator, is a critical need for any business that has workplace divisions impacting profits. A skilled mediator will create a high return on investment for the effort applied.

Our mediations services are based on the combination of formal training courses in counselling and group dynamics, management, business and communication with over 35 years of application. We are able to bring together this experience in human interactions with our comprehensive business experience to negotiate outcomes that address both the needs of the individuals concerned and the business as a whole.

“We utilised David’s services as a company mediator to assist us in working through some partnership issues for which we couldn’t find solutions. As a mediator, David was sensitive and extremely knowledgeable in his approach and empathetic to both sides. We reached a very amicable outcome, which allowed us to move our business forward as a team and reaffirmed our friendship in the process.”