Executive coaching

Joben Consultant’s executive coaching, management coaching and life coaching service is based on experience in senior management combined with training and experience in communication, group dynamics, applied psychology and education.  This unique combination of expertise, gives us the capability for  “integration coaching”. Our experience enables us to coach with a comprehensive understanding of the business context in which our client operates and the broader context of their life beyond business.

Maximum leadership effectiveness is achieved by success in each context reinforcing the other. We help our clients achieve their goals in both domains of their life with the integration and balance needed to ensure continuing success.

Do you need to refocus, motivate and enhance the effectiveness of  any of your leaders?

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We differentiate between the coach with catchy slogans and one with tested wisdom and life balance over many years.

David is still one of the few coaches that seem to have a timeless influence in my thinking, both professionally and personally. He continues to educate, challenge, and encourage my decisions on where to allocate my time and energy for the best all round rewarding results.” (See Testimonials)

Why executive coaching?

Ineffective leaders cannot drive change.  A powerful strategic plan placed in the hands of ineffective leaders is hardly worth the paper it’s written on. Therefore we back up our strategic planning service with our coaching service, in order to create the leadership competencies needed to bring into reality the transformation required by your new strategic plan.  (See The Success Pyramidâ„¢)

An update of a Strategic Plan can result in major changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructure or downsizing. Coaching can rectify the lost focus, diminished role clarity and productivity that executives can experience at such times. Coaching can also help build the new management competencies that are needed to release the creative resources in your staff in order to gain the market leadership that you want.

Our coaching model

Our coaching model leads our clients to build a holistic and balanced growth plan, in order to place their improvement in leadership effectiveness on a solid base. Business and personal life effectiveness cannot be separated. Each impacts the other. Therefore, to gain the best short and long term business results from coaching, personal effectiveness inside and outside of business ideally should be considered. We leave the choice, however, solely with our client to define the scope of their coaching.

Our coaching process

Our coaching model is delivered by our coaching process. This has linkages to existing HR and management processes in the client’s organisation. This ensures that personal development is aligned with the business context and the required review points identified.