Change management

Joben Consultants provides its change management service to help senior executives successfully implement the change in the people, processes and systems needed to support new strategic priorities.

A updated Strategic Plan creates new change requirements. It requires leaders who understand both the change process and the additional skills they need to drive the change in a way that increases innovation and productivity. This is the fourth critical component in transforming your business. (See The Success Pyramid™)

We help senior managers design, initiate and manage the change process in a way that gains strong commitment from the staff impacted by the change.

“There is no doubt in mind whatsoever that without David’s counsel, advice and experience I would have not completed the task within the given time frame of restructuring FPC Magazines. David not only became an invaluable guide and confidant, but I always felt I could phone him anytime for advice, or just a chat.” (See Testimonials)

Contact us if you need help to ensure that your people embrace and implement the change most productively.

We work collaboratively with your senior management team to facilitate the following phases of change:

  1. Defining the problem
  2. Assessing commitment and readiness to change
  3. Designing the change process methodology
  4. Choosing the change leader
  5. Coaching the change leader as required
  6. Establishing roles and agreements
  7. Forming the core change team
  8. Coaching the core change team
  9. Collecting and analysing data
  10. Identifying and ranking solutions
  11. Feedback, decision making and action planning
  12. Gaining commitment
  13. Implementing and measuring results

We coach your leaders how to acquire the high level competencies needed to build broad-based commitment to the change throughout the organisation. (See Executive Coaching)

You cannot assume that your operational managers will automatically make good change managers. Management studies by the Australian Graduate School of Management have shown that operational managers are typically strong in Performance Management but often weak in the competencies needed to build the enthusiasm in their staff to embrace a renewed vision and weak in providing the resources needed by staff to produce the change.

Contact us to ready your leaders for the change you envisage.