Business health assessment

For maximum performance, businesses need health checks just as people do. Is now the time to run a health check on your business?

Before we begin working with you on a transformation process for your business, we want to know the current health of your business and where maladies are developing, or have reached a chronic level. They can be in your culture, people, processes, systems and structures. We want to know the trend lines of the business performance measures up to the present, so that we can estimate with you the short, medium and long-term outlook, if you continue with the status quo.

These base-line measures of your business provide us with the benchmark against which to measure the impact of any new transformation programs.

Our health check covers all functions of your business. We use its output to customise with you The Success Pyramid transformation process needed to achieve the success targets you put in place during  the strategic planning step.

Contact us for a health assessment of your business.