Advanced sales performance

Joben Consultants helps sales functions move to a new level of sales performance by upgrading the performance of sales people, sales processes and systems. Clear vision, distinctive strategy, effective leadership and maximised resources are wasted, if their driving power is not translated into a consistently high level of sales performance.

Cllearly, this is the the fifth fundamental in transforming your business. (See the Success Pyramidâ„¢ .)

If your sales function displays some of the following symptoms, a meeting with us would be valuable:

  • broad-based failure to achieve sales targets
  • a loss of major accounts
  • low competitive win rates
  • heavy discounting
  • low morale
  • lack of discipline and focus
  • call reluctance
  • shrinking or low quality pipelines
  • continual sliding of closure dates
  • too much of the salesperson’s time spent in the office
  • little improvement from sales training

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“Across a multi-decade career, it is sometimes possible to point to an individual that had a lasting impact on one’s ability and attitude to their profession. In my case, David Morey was such an influence. I watched while David took an exhausted sales territory, after a seasoned and successful person had moved on to a greener patch, and increase sales to that patch by 10 fold in 6 months. Significantly, he demonstrated the critical importance of having the customer’s best interests at heart, not just as a commentary in a presentation, but to live the intent every day and in every point of engagement. He offered, without suggestion, to take a number of new, raw sales guys, of which I was one, under his wing and provide mentoring at a level I have not seen replicated in 25 years. He continues to be the benchmark, in my mind, of what can be achieved by someone with great skill, who is prepared to share experience in a selfless manner with, again, the best interests of the receiver at heart.” (See Testimonials)

We bring to sales teams:

  • exceptional track records in sales and large account management
  • senior management experience in sales and marketing
  • people development and coaching experience

Our services include:

  • A sales function assessment (people, process and systems)
  • Winning sales culture information
  • Basic to advanced selling and communication skills
  • Selling to the top
  • Sales processes for territory management, account development, single sales campaigns, and finding, establishing and selling vallue
  • Sales management processes
  • Personal development
  • Knowledge improvement
  • Personal management disciplines

In-class training, with a strong emphasis on practicing skills as they are taught, is supplemented by in-field coaching. The classroom brings skill awareness and some practice. In-field coaching produces the majority of  skill acquisition.

Through our Executive coaching service, we also develop sales managers into front-line coaches and leaders in order to maximise the return on your training investment.

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