The following sampling of testimonials from senior managers is chosen to cover several of our services across various business types and sizes:

“I have used the services of David Morey over a period of 5 years in several roles and have found him to be an accomplished facilitator, presenter and coach. The combination of these competencies applied to his clear strategic planning process makes him a very competent facilitator of the strategic planning exercise. His ability to remain impartial, while leading a group or an individual to an appropriate outcome, is complemented by his broad understanding of business and internal cultural sensitivities. In his role as a coach and group facilitator, he quickly builds rapport and trust through his experience, knowledge, focus and exceptional communications skills.”

Mr Bill Younger – CEO, Advanced Products Division, Vision Systems

“David is still one of the few coaches that seem to have a timeless influence in my thinking, both professionally and personally. He continues to educate, challenge, and encourage my decisions on where to allocate my time and energy for the best all round rewarding results.”

Mr Allan Toner – Senior Director, Internet Sales Division, Oracle Asia Pacific

“I engaged David to run a critical 2 day strategic planning session as the first step of merging two competing entities with vastly different cultures within IPMG. The oldest entity had produced hard copy magazines for many years. The second was a young entity established to publish magazines over the web. David cleverly used a facilitation technique to break down hostility between the two management groups and then proceeded to facilitate a productive process that delivered a strategic plan with buy-in from all managers. David then provided guidance on the change management task required by the plan.

There is no doubt in mind whatsoever that without David’s counsel, advice and experience I could have not completed the task within the given time frame of restructuring FPC Magazines.  David not only became an invaluable guide and confidant, but I always felt I could phone him anytime for advice or just a chat.”

Mr Eddie Thomas – Director of Business Development, International Print Media Group

“David has worked for my companies as a strategic planning consultant and sales coach since 1995. David has contributed significantly to the development of our business and growth strategy, as well as practical on the job training, particularly in sales awareness, sales skills and investor readiness. David has taken the time to understand our business, and deliver sound and relevant advice, based on his own extensive professional experience.”

Mr Dale Coleman – Managing Director, TTG Transportation Technology P/L

“David is uniquely equipped to contribute to executive development – as a skills coach to be sure but more importantly as a coach at the level of core values and how to exhibit them in the senior management role.”

Mr John Kranenburg – Executive Director, Fujitsu Australia Ltd

“David has excellent relationship skills, firm but not abrasive, insightful and lucid, sensitive and very good at staying with each member of the group. His personal Christian conviction undergirds his high professional integrity and balance.”

Rev Howard Dillon – CEO, Anglicare NSW

“There are times when as business leaders we feel we know the answers to the strategic questions being asked and what needs to be done. However, capacity and resource constraints often inhibit us. Locating David was remarkable. He was sensitive to the needs of the organization and worked extremely well with each of our staff and Board Directors. He was confident without coming across arrogant, and constantly provided feedback, not assuming that we were always together on the same page. There was simplicity to David’s style of engagement, and yet not for one moment did it lack professionalism or content.”

Glenn Williams – CEO, Focus on the Family

“Across a multi-decade career, it is sometimes possible to point to an individual that has had a lasting impact on one’s ability and attitude to their profession. In my case, David Morey was such an influence. I watched while David took an exhausted sales territory, after a seasoned and successful person had moved on to a greener patch, and increase sales to that patch by 10 fold in 6 months. Significantly, he demonstrated the critical importance of having the customer’s best interests at heart, not just as a commentary in a presentation, but to live the intent every day and in every point of engagement.

He offered, without suggestion, to take a number of new, raw sales guys, of which I was one, under his wing and provide mentoring at a level I have not seen replicated in 25 years. He continues to be the benchmark, in my mind, of what can be achieved by someone with great skill, who is prepared to share experience in a selfless manner with, again, the best interests of the receiver at heart.”

Michael Keen, Client Executive, Fujitsu Australia

“We utilised David’s services as a company mediator to assist us in working through some partnership issues for which we couldn’t find solutions. As a mediator, David was sensitive and extremely knowledgeable in his approach and empathetic to both sides. We reached a very amicable outcome, which allowed us to move our business forward as a team and reaffirmed our friendship in the process. We were also lucky enough to get a glimpse of David’s immense business knowledge, while briefly touching on some ways to improve our business. We will certainly be making use of his talents in this area as part of our ongoing growth strategy. I would have no hesitation in using his services again, or in recommending him to any company with the same need.”

Glen Palmer – Director, DiscMakers P/L

“David Morey has an outstanding ability to encourage the combination of business insight with personal insight, to the enhancement of both.”

Dr James Dalziel – Professor of Psychology and Executive Director, WebMCQ Pty Ltd